Testing of small wind turbines is crucial to fulfill performance quality requirements. Some countries require certifications to this effect. However, testing and certification processes may be costly.

We do not want you to provide your customers with insufficiently tested products and to put your brand image at risk in this way. That is why we offer multiple and flexible options, that can adapt to your specific needs.

Testing small wind turbines

Get certification
Proof your performance
Comply with national requirements
Satisfy your customers
Grow your business

Small wind Turbine testing process

We offer

  • Customized testing of small wind turbines up to 200 m2 swept area, and of small wind turbine components
  • Exceptional wind conditions in Europe
  • More than 30 years of expertise within:
    • Wind turbine design and testing
    • Support to small and medium sized companies
    • Export and technology transfer

Test Center Ydby

Temperature13.6 °C
Wind speed0.9 m/s
Wind directions
Atmospheric pressure998 hPa
Humidity76 %
Precipitations0 mm

Test Center Hundborg

Wind speed at 25 m 4.7 m/s
Max wind speed at 25 m 6.0 m/s
Wind speed at 10 m 3.7 m/s
Max wind speed at 10 m 5.0 m/s
Wind direction s, 174.2°
Temperature at 2 m 17.6 °C
Humidity at 2 m 99.5 %
Atmospheric pressure 1012.9 hPa

Data are updated every 10 minutes

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