Data are crucial nowadays! We are aware of that, which is why we have created an extensive database full of data you can use!

We record meteorological and performance data every second, so that you can have as precise information as possible!

When testing with us, you will have access to all your data, so that your testing process can be facilitated.

Data acquisition

Are you still in the Development Phase?

Small wind testing in Denmark

If you working on your idea, don’t worry! You can access our data and use them to better design your product! Get in contact with us and get a quote for the right data package! Design with data is important and can save you a lot of money!

Are you an Educational Institution?

Learning is much more fun when you work on real issues! We are aware of that, which is why we want to support Universities and other educational institutions. If you are part of these, access to the data for your is free of charge!

Get in contact with our team and request the data! We hope this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation!

Educational institutions