The Test Center(s)

Testing with us means being able to choose your testing requirements! We have two locations which you can choose among, based on the status of your idea!

The two locations are circa 40 km apart, but they are both located in the North-West part of Denmark. They enjoy very good wind resources, both in terms of wind speed and frequency, which makes them ideal for testing small wind turbines and related components.

Once of the major barrier of testing is the amount of time required. In many locations you need to wait to have the right wind conditions for sufficient amount of time…this makes the test long and expensive! (Yes, you still pay for occupying a test field, even if the wind does not blow!).

At our locations we do not have such problems: come, test and go (satisfied)! That’s our philosophy!

Testing small wind in Ydby

Test Center 1: Ydby

Located in Ydby (Hurup Thy), is the ideal location if your idea is still in the development phase. If you want to do some quick testing (test – improve – test again), this is the right location for you!

> 4 test stands

> Close to accommodations

> Fully-equipped workshop available

Test Center 2: Hundborg

Located in Hundborg (circa 40 km North from Test Center 1), the location is perfect if your product is almost finished and it is going for certification.

> 3 test stands

> Remote control and operation

> Online accessible data

Danish Test & Resource Centre for Small Wind Turbines

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