Local wind conditions

Almost all places on the planet are windy. It is just a question of how high you have to reach before the wind is strong enough.

On large wind turbines in the MW-size, you are usually above 100 meters, and the wind is normally clean and without much turbulence. This applies to both sea and land. For small turbines, the height is limited as it is difficult to obtain building permits for these if they reach a height of up to 50 meters, while the cost of the tower itself increases with the height.

National wind maps are usually limited to 50 meters or 100 meters height, which also provides an important clue. However, the local conditions such as buildings, trees, forests and cities within a radius of 2-3 km can provide a significantly reduced power.

Https: //irena.masdar.ac.ae/GIS/? Map = 103

When selecting a location, there are many conditions that play a role. For example, the distance between neighbors and the visual impression must be taken into consideration. While choosing a location for a small wind turbine one should always consider which wind directions are the most prevalent and place the turbine according to these conditions (avoid a location behind buildings and trees).