Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy and the Danish Association for Small and Medium Wind are pleased to invite the small and medium wind community to the 2nd International Conference on Small and Medium Wind Energy, which will be held at Nordic Folkecenter from the 7th to the 10th of October.

This four-day event will gather international experts from all over the world to discuss about the potential of small and medium wind energy, their testing & certification needs and their role for stand-alone and off-grid systems in the Arctic region and in other rural areas. The conference will also cover the topics related to the new grid codes and how do they affect manufacturers’ decisions. A special focus will be put on Europe.

The aim of this conference is to help developing policies to support the growth of this industry.


Monday, 7 October

Participants traveling by plane will be picked up at Billund Airport around 12:00 and they will be transferred to Folkecenter, where they will arrive in the afternoon.

16:00: Welcome by Jane Kruse, Director, Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

16:15: Speech by Ms. Aaja Chimnitz Larsen, Member of the Danish Parliament for Inuit Ataqatigitt (IA), Vice-Chairman of The Greenland Committee. Member of The Arctic Delegation

17.00: International Small Wind Market Status and Opportunities, Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, Market Research & Development Manager, World Wind Energy Association, Germany

17.20: Speech by Morten V. Petersen, WWEA Small Wind Chair, Senior Consultant, Nordic Folkecenter

17:40: Networking

18:00: Welcome dinner

Tuesday, 8 October

09:00: General Updating of Off-grid solutions and on the Challenges for Small Wind, Tonny Brink, Chief Engineer, SW Test Site Manager, Denmark

09:30: Diesel Back-up: A Relief for small off-grid wind turbines?, Anker Mardal, Site Engineer, SW Testcenter at Folkecenter, Denmark

10:00: Coffee break

10.30: Small wind in telecom and very small wind in IoT, Frits Ogg

11.00: Renewable Energy in Remote Microgrids”, Rolf Sloth

11.30: Swedish Development of Wind Technology for Off-Grid, Sven Ruin, author, Engineer, TEROC, Sweden

12.00: Lunch

13.00: Small Wind Turbines in Norway, Thorstein Midttun, Norway

13.30: Sustainable power supply for remote radio links stations in Greenland based on DC microgrid, Finn Jensen, Aarhus University

14.00: Presentation from Prof. Dr. Salah Ibrahim

14.30: Performance of Small Wind Turbines in isolated desert regions – off-grid – irrigation systems, Prof. Dr. Eng. Galal Osman

15.00: Coffee break

Pico, nano, micro, milli and macrogrids – what’s in a name – and wind turbines, Frits Ogg

15.45: National Project: Implementation of Power Supply Systems in Remote and Isolated Areas of Russia, George Kekelidze

16.15: SINN Power: Wave Energy Technology and Electrical Components for Off-grid Applications, Christopher Biermann, SINN Power, Germany

16.45: Follow up on the day’s presentations

18.00: Dinner

Wednesday 9 October

09:00: Workable Solutions for Arctic Conditions: Project Greenland Ulrich Høgenhaven, Viking Wind, Denmark

09:30: Workable Solutions for Arctic Conditions: Project Greenland Carsten Lauridsen, Solid Wind Power, Project Greenland, Denmark

10.00: Coffee break

10:30: Storage Solutions, Niels Martin, Cirkelenergi

11:00: Small Wind in the Netherlands, Sjouke Ritsema, E.A.Z. Wind the Netherlands

11:30: Turkey – Gravvindy by Windagrotech, Mert Sugür, Atilla Öztürk

12:00: Lunch

13:00: OrbiSCADA: Remote monitoring and control of small and medium sized wind turbines, Niels H. Jakobsen, Orbital (DK)

13:30: Importance of Small Wind Turbines, Peter Hauge Madsen

14:00: Presentation by Jannik Kappel, Alaska

14:30: Vehicle to Grid: Can We Store the Energy Produced by a Small Wind Turbine in a Car?, Anker Mardal, Site Engineer, SW Testcenter at Folkecenter, Denmark

15:00: Coffee break

15.15: Excess Power: It Can Be Used for Heating and Cooling, Anker Mardal, Site Engineer, SW Testcenter at Folkecenter, Denmark

15.45: Small Wind Situation in China, Shen Decheng, China

16.45: Follow up, declaration

18:00: Dinner

Thursday 10 October

Folkecenter offer an 8 hours renewable energy excursion to the Small Wind Test Center in Hundborg and to the National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines, in Østerild; lunch in the bus.

The Venue

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy is a location known worldwide among energy experts. At the centre, visitors are able to experience different renewable energy technologies and to have a complete overview on how could a transition towards a 100% renewable energy society occur.

The conference hall is located in SkibstedFjord, which is an example of innovative underground architecture. The building, with its 670 m2 and its 140 places, is the ideal location for conferences on renewable energy topics, and enjoys a very pleasant indoor climate in every season.

More information about Folkecenter can be found on: http://www.folkecenter.net/

Board and Accommodation

Speakers will have free board and accommodation, while the other participants will have to organize their own accommodation in nearby hotels and B&B. Please, see this link for suggestions.

Students are offered an affordable shared accommodation in a Scout house (equivalent to a group room in a hostel). Please, get in contact with us for more information. Normal participants who wish to have dinner in Folkecenter should reserve it on the conference website.

Fee and Registration

Participation to the event is free of charge, but registration is required. Please, register on this link. Please, note that pictures and videos will be taken during the event. More details can be found on the conference website.


Mr. Morten V. Petersen Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Kammersgaardsvej 16, Sdr. Ydby, 7760 Hurup Thy, Denmark

Telephone: +45 97 95 66 00 | Skype: morten.victor.petersen
Email Address: mvp@folkecenter.dk
Conference Website: www.folkecenterevents.net

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Press release: Two New Small Wind Turbines in Folkecenter’s Test field (15. July 2019)

Two New Small Wind Turbines in Folkecenter’s Test field

By Jane Kruse, 15.07.2019. Translated by Daniele Pagani

A new wind turbine from the Danish company ThyWindPower was installed in the Test field for Small Wind Turbines in Hundborg on July 5th. The turbine has a nominal power of 15 kW and it is equipped with new blades made by the company Olsen Wings A/S, located in Odder (DK). The blades are 5 m long, which result in a swept area of 80 m2.  The wings are designed in a new way, so that they can operate also in low wind conditions. Currently, it seems that the wind turbine starts to produce electricity already with a wind speed of 3.5 m/s.

In addition to the newly-designed wings, the tower (20 m height) also presents some innovations, being 800 kg lighter than the previous solutions, result which is achieved by substituting massive elements with hollow ones.

The turbine proves that it is possible to have improvements of current designs, both in terms of efficiency and cost. The changes will now be tested in our Testfield for a period of 6 months, where it will be verified if the materials and the connections fulfill all the norms and regulations, according to international standards.

Nordic Folkecenter is currently collecting wind data with a timeframe of one second, data which will be used to develop a power curve documenting the performances of the turbine.

In addition to that, a second turbine was installed on July 11, with the purpose of testing a new type of blades, developed by the company Joint Blade Rotor A/S, located in Nibe (DK).

The blades are 8 m long (200 m2 swept area) and each of them consists of two small blades connected in the middle. The blades are made of fiberglass, have an active pitch and rotate at 56 RPM. The prototypes are installed on an existing tower and nacelle and they will go through a period of test of 6 months.

The Test Center for Small Wind Turbines, operated by Nordic Folkecenter, opened in April this year; the strong interest both from national and international companies and institutions confirms that the market is growing.

Inquiries can be addressed to Jane Kruse, director of Nordic Folkecenter:

(+45 40 60 45 51/+45 97 95 66 00, jk@folkecenter.dk)

Pressemeddelelse | 14.4.2019


Den 14. april 2019.

Det opdateret og fuldt udstyret Test og Videnscenter for Små Vindmøller, Vorupørvej 250 D, vest for Hundborg, 7700 Thisted åbner officielt den 15. april 2019 kl. 11:00.

Thisted kommune kan som energitest-kommune tilføje Nordeuropas første professionelle Teststation for husstandsvindmøller til de øvrige testfaciliteter der er i kommunen.

(se vedhæftet program for den officielle indvielse)

På indvielsesdagen vil Ib Poulsen, MF og medlem af Thisted kommunalbestyrelse tage det første spadestik til fundament for placering af vindmølle for testning.

Thisted kommunes borgmester Ulla Vestergaard vil velkomme, at der nu er mulighed for at få testet de mindre vindmøller.

Formand for Brancheforeningen for Små og Mellemstore Vindmøller, Morten Victor Petersen vil tale for Branchens behov afprøvningsfacilitet hvor produkterne kan afprøves og godkendes efter internationale normer.

De faglige medarbejdere fra Test og Videnscenter Tonny Brink og Anker Mardal, vil give orientering om det faglige miljø og opgaverne for testcenterets medarbejder.

På Test og Videnscenter for Små Vindmøller er der etableret en nedtagelig og flytbar målemast på 18 meters højde. Målemasten er udstyret med forskellige måleinstrumenter. De opsamlede data sendes til udstyr til lagering i en pavillon. Dataene skal bruges i markedsføring af testcenteret. Der etableres en flisebelagt kørevej.

En indledende markedsundersøgelse blandt den danske og de europæiske husstandsvindmølle branchers medlemmer vil finde sted.  Ligeledes vil virksomheder der fremstiller komponenter og udstyr til husstandsvindmøller være interesseret i mulighed for del-testning. Der skal skabes et overblik over på hvilken måde Test og Videnscenter for Små Vindmøller kan indgå partnerskaber med europæiske udviklingsmiljøer, eksempelvis i Horizon 2020. Samarbejde med universiteter, herunder Aalborg universitet vedr. opsamlede data til undervisningsbrug til studerende på Vedvarende Energi linjen er etableret.

Det nødvendige netværk der skal findes og etableres for Test og Videnscenter vil ske i samarbejde med House of Energy.  

Ejer og driftsansvarlig for Test og Videnscenter for Små Vindmøller er Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi.

Den internationale åbning af Test og Videnscenter for Små Vindmøller fandt sted i forbindelse med den 1. International konference for Små og Mellemstore Vindmøller afholdt den 10. til 12. april 2019, med 35 deltagere fra 10 forskellige lande. Konferencen fandt sted på Nordisk Folkecenter for Vedvarende Energi, Sdr. Ydby

Hundborg borgerforening og naboer til Testcenteret er inviteret.

Erhvervsstyrelsen, Silkeborg varetager bevillingen fra Folketinget og Region Nordjylland.

Henvendelse kan ske til Jane Kruse, forstander 4060 4551/9795 6600 jk@folkecenter.dk