Small Wind Test and Lab

Testing of small wind turbines is crucial to fulfill performance quality requirements. Some countries require certifications to this effect. However, testing and certification processes may be costly.

We do not want you to provide your customers with insufficiently tested products and to put your brand image at risk in this way. That is why we offer multiple and flexible options, that can adapt to your specific needs.

As a small wind turbine manufacturer or importer, your wind turbine must be tested and approved in order to enter new markets. We have a test site for non-approved turbines of 1 m2 – 200 m2 swept area so that they can achieve the required operating hours. In addition, we also offer testing of new ideas. We have test turbines of various sizes for testing of sub-elements. Our test site has place for 3 turbines. The test site also allows for certified power curves and noise measurements etc.

Contact us and we find the best solution for your needs at a reasonable price.