Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines

CALL for Entries for small wind turbine manufacturers | 2019
Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines | 9th Edition | 2019

This catalogue contains information about wind turbines that are manufactured and distributed worldwide. The information is a basic representation of the turbines, please be aware that there are many factors and regional variables that prevent an accurate comparison between different models. Rated wind speeds are different for all models so please keep this in mind when comparing the rated outputs. Prices as well are not comparable as they may or may not include the tower, cables, shipping, taxes, etc.

This data is subject to change since many of these machines are constantly undergoing testing and development. All information and data is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however we can not guarantee that all information in the following pages is up to date. For more information about a wind turbine contact the company listed or find a distributor in your area.

The companies listed are primarily manufacturers, however, if information is only available from a distributor their company information accompanies that of the turbine even though it is produced elsewhere. This catalogue is not a promotion of any of these companies or products. Information comes from the companies listed, not from direct knowledge or testing of these machines.

This catalogue is the 9th edition with revisions planned for the future. If you are manufacturer of small wind turbines and you would like your turbines to be listed, please fill up the form and send it to us by August 25th, 2019, or you are already featured in previous editions and you would like to update your data, please contact us:
Anna Krenz | Editor |

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All information and photos included in the following pages are credited to the manufacturers/distributors. Many thanks to all those people who provided this information, their help is very much appreciated. If any of these pages are to be reproduced please reference this publication as the source.

Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines | 8th Edition | 2016

Nordic Folkecenter is proud to announce the release of the 8th edition of the Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines. The publication is the result of an intensive cooperation between Nordic Folkecenter, the Chinese Wind Energy Association, the World Wind Energy Association, the Danish Small Wind Turbine Association, the Ahikaga Institute of Technology and the Indian Wind Power association. 

The catalogue presents manufacturers of small windmills of up to 50 kW, coming from 104 companies spread in 28 countries, for a total of 302 models.

A preview of the catalogue can be found here.


Title: Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines (under 50 kW) 
Authors: Preben Maegaard, Anna Krenz, Kardelen Afrodit Adsal, Jean-Daniel Pitteloud, Stefan Gsänger, Frits Ogg 
Language: English 
Pages: 139 
Edition: 8th 
Publishing date: June 2016 
Publisher: Folkecenter Print 
ISBN 978-87-7778-137-7 


The catalogue costs 200 DKK (27 Euro) + shipping costs for the printed version and 140 DKK (19 Euro) for the PDF version.

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Catalogue of Small Wind Turbines is published in the OPEN Knowledge Series | Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy